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Авіякампанія аэрапорт Апошнія міжнародныя навіны Галоўныя навіны падарожжаў Дзелавыя падарожжы інвестыцыі Апошнія навіны Кувейта Навіны галіновай сустрэчы навіны Апошнія навіны Катара тэхналогія турызм транспарт Абнаўленне прызначэння падарожжа

Qatar Airways крадзе ў цэнтры ўвагі ў дзень адкрыцця авіясалона ў Кувейце


The show marks the start of another busy year for Qatar Airways, following a hugely successful 2017.

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Qatar Airways stole the limelight on the opening day of the Kuwait Aviation Show on Wednesday, showcasing its patented, award-winning new Business Class seat, Qsuite, for the first time in 2018, along with the airline’s ultra-modern extra-wide body Airbus A350-900.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, led a VIP tour of the airline’s Qsuite-fitted Boeing 777 on Wednesday. VIPs in attendance included Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, Deputy Minister of Kuwait Amiri Diwan Affairs; Sheikh Salman Al-Homoud Al-Sabah, President of Kuwait’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA); and His Excellency Abdullah bin Nasser Turki Al Subaie, Chairman of Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority.

The show marks the start of another busy year for Qatar Airways, following a hugely successful 2017, which saw the airline continue its rapid expansion plans with the launch of 11 new destinations, win more than 50 awards across multiple categories and debut its revolutionary new Business Class seat, Qsuite. 2018 is set to be just as eventful, as the airline prepares to launch a host of exciting new destinations, with the start of direct service to Pattaya, the airline’s fifth destination in Thailand, set to commence later this month.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “Our participation in this year’s Kuwait Aviation Show has provided an excellent start to 2018, which promises to be very busy for us as an airline. We are looking forward to the addition of direct service to a host of key new destinations on our route network, including Pattaya, Thailand; Thessaloniki, Greece and Cardiff, U.K., to name just a few. As this new year begins, we are more committed than ever to delivering an unparalleled experience to our passengers, providing them the very finest experience available in the skies.

“We look forward to receiving delivery of the Airbus A350-1000 shortly, for which we will be the global launch customer. This state-of-the art aircraft will allow us to remain ahead of the curve, proving that Qatar Airways always demands the best for its customers.”

Qatar Airways’ impressive Qsuite display attracted hundreds of visitors on Day 1 of the show who were eager to view the award-winning airline’s patented, revolutionary new Business Class seat and the many features it offers, including a double bed and sliding privacy panels that enable passengers to create their own private suite.

Акрамя таго, што падарожнікі з усяго свету былі прызнаны авіякампаніяй Skytrax «Авіякампаніяй года», нацыянальны авіяперавозчык Катара таксама выйграў мноства іншых галоўных узнагарод на цырымоніі 2017 года, у тым ліку «Лепшая авіякампанія на Блізкім Усходзе», «Лепшы бізнес у свеце» Клас 'і' Лепшы ў свеце салон першага класа авіякампаній. '

Qatar Airways кіруе сучасным паркам з больш чым 200 самалётаў у сетку з больш чым 150 асноўных напрамкаў для бізнесу і адпачынку па ўсёй Еўропе, Блізкім Усходзе, Афрыцы, Азіяцка-Ціхаакіянскім рэгіёне, Паўночнай Амерыцы і Паўднёвай Амерыцы.

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