24/7 eTV BreakingNewsShow : Націсніце кнопку гучнасці (у левым ніжнім куце экрана відэа)
Афрыканскі савет па турызме Галоўныя навіны падарожжаў адукацыя Урадавыя навіны навіны Людзі Апошнія навіны Руанды Апошнія навіны Паўднёвай Афрыкі турызм Размова пра турызм Абнаўленне прызначэння падарожжа Навіны турыстычнага провада Розныя навіны

Старшыня афрыканскага турысцкага савета бачыць у рэбрэндынгу турызму адукацыю будучыню ў турызме

The CEO Celestin Ngirabakunzi emphasised on that although the pandemic created a challenge in the learning discourse, but it also provided an opportunity to have or offer short course programs to students to shorten the period of learning and as well giving them the necessary skills to create business and job creation.

“An opportunity to have those innovations it is where for example we are saying after having these short course programs students may for example meet some companies and organizations that will be linked to for being practical and even, we also thinking how to connect our students to the marketplace, how they can start their business, how they can work on job creation. After completion of these short course programs students will not only be linked to the marketplace, but they will also be linked to mentors and coachers who will train them practically to start jobs without taking much time. This is where we are seeing as solutions in these short courses”.

On the second day of the meeting, we had Dr Dimakatso Mawela President and Founder of Women of Value Africa, focusing on the practical and necessary interventions that could be used to fighting unemployment in Africa. Dr Mawela stated that to tap into those opportunities we need to be ready and need skills development and that currently Africa needs entrepreneurship.

“For us to then tap into the opportunities that are there we need to be ready we need to be skilled enough we need those entrepreneurships. We need to bring this skill through this short course, there’s quite a lot that can be adopted whereby they can be the one to train our people…”.

The Chancellor of Revealed Word University Mr. Joshua Baker looked at the role of universities and faith-based organizations in lifting Africa from poverty.

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