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American Airlines у параўнанні з Jet Blue: выканаўчы плацінавы член мае дзіўны водгук

American Airlines у параўнанні з Jet Blue: выканаўчы плацінавы член мае дзіўны водгук

They are under so much pressure that their true colors on how they treat customers really come out. American Airlines has canceled over 100 flights already today. The most common reason is ‘flight crew unavailable’. Many other flights show canceled due to ‘operational decision’ which appears to be giving that flight’s pilots to another aircraft (in other words, also ‘flight crew unavailable’).

In contrast, as of this writing, United has canceled eight flights today and Delta has canceled two.I am an Executive Platinum Member of American Airlines for several years now which means I have been loyal to this company for a long time. I fly at least 100k miles per year with them. This incident will definitely change that loyalty. After giving up, I went to the JetBlue counter nearby and asked them if they would let me fly my Roxie on their flights.

They took a look at her and within just a couple of seconds said “DEFINITELY!”. I bought a plane ticket right on the spot. They issued me a boarding pass, tagged Roxie as an approved cabin pet passenger! The JetBlue folks went out of their way to make sure that my check-in was smooth and was very consoling of the situation we were just put through at the American Airlines counter.

I have been very loyal to American Airlines for many years and starting today, I will never give a single dollar to them. As an animal lover, I will now only pledge my business to other airlines who recognize and more accommodating of pet owners. Those who travel with pets do not do it for pleasure.

They do it out of necessity. Trust me, it’s not fun traveling with pets — it’s very stressful and employees of American Airlines on their high horses are the last thing we want to deal with. Today, American Airlines showed they are inconsistent and has no compassion. I also realized that I have been giving my loyalty to the wrong airline company. Today with this specific incident, JetBlue showed that this flying thing that we do is more than just a business, flying is about human relations and compassion especially when their passengers need it most.

Yes, American Airlines can and will say they tried to DO WHAT IS RIGHT according to their own (excuse my French and my apologies) stupid pet flying rules, which suddenly is such a big deal when they are trying to fill overbooked flights.

They just simply followed the rules. But when they needed people to book flights during the pandemic and needed your money, they were so flexible.

JetBlue simply DID THE RIGHT THING for another human being. Flying my small dog does not pose any threat or inconvenience to others. If anything, she provides joy to other passengers.


There’s a huge difference. It’s in situations like these that we really know which company cares and empowers their employee to DO WHAT IS RIGHT and which company only applies the rules when it’s convenient and when it benefits them.

Roxie and I are now on our flight back to California to see Romi aboard a JetBlue airplane with flight attendants who got very excited to see Roxie as we boarded the plane.

We’ll land in about five hours. Thanks for reading my rant. I just needed to vent.

Mario Hernandez responded:

Sorry, you had to go through this experience. I’m glad JetBlue was there to help. I’ve always been a JetBlue fan, so welcome to the family!

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