24/7 eTV BreakingNewsShow : Націсніце кнопку гучнасці (у левым ніжнім куце экрана відэа)
Авіякампанія аэрапорт Галоўныя навіны падарожжаў навіны Апошнія навіны Філіпін Бяспека транспарт Навіны турыстычнага провада Розныя навіны

Тайфун Каммуры: Свет моліцца за Філіпіны

Тайфун Каммуры: Свет моліцца за Філіпіны

Typhoon Kammuri is attacking the Philippines. Yona Smith posted on twitter: “Lord, please be with every person affected by this storm and surround them with Your love, protection, and angels. Let them know there are millions of us out here praying for them and their loved ones.”

#Kammuri weakens as the typhoon will move west-northwestward across the Marinduque. Extremely dangerous conditions, typhoon-force winds and heavy rainfall also expected along the #Manila on Tuesday evening…

At least one person died and more than 217,000 people fled their homes even before the typhoon hit Sorsogon province in south Luzon late Monday, local time. The city of Manila suspended local government work, while authorities ordered Manila airport closed for 12 hours starting 11 a.m. Tuesday. Schools in most parts of the capital region are shu

Tourists in Manila are stranded. Airlines like Cebu Pacific earlier announced the cancellations of their flights to Singapore, HongKong, Macau and Japan.

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